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Disruption to fuel supplies

By this we mean petrol and diesel shortages caused by a significant disruption to deliveries, including as a result of industrial action by fuel tank drivers. Where the disruption lasts more than a couple of days, and drivers are not able to fill up with fuel, we could begin to see an economic impact to the local community. Panic buying can exasperate the situation as supplies are drained quicker.


The impact is people not being able to get to work either as a result of no fuel themselves or a disruption to public transport.

Food supplies could be affected due to transportation issues and education may also be affected with teachers not being able to get to work.

What can you do?

There is little that people can do in this situation and we would strongly discourage storing fuel. Stay tuned to local radio and local agency social media sites for up to date information about how the issue is affecting your local area if it does happen.

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