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Influenza-type disease

By nature, influenza type diseases will contain different viruses and will therefore have different impacts. Based on previous experiences of pandemics, it is likely that a pandemic will happen in one or more waves, possibly weeks or months apart and up-to half the population can be affected if not the entire population.

An Influenza type disease can bring various different risks to Northamptonshire which include:

  • reduced workforce across the county
  • panic buying. Potential disruption to essential
  • health of population if the Virus cannot be controlled
  • potential expansion of burial services

How we prepare as a county

  • managing, and creating plans for the potential pressure placed on NHS and social care systems
  • planning for the distribution and administration of anti-viral medication as well as vaccinations
  • inform the public of Northamptonshire and engage with the media.

How you can prepare?

  • ensure you can receive the flu jab
  • keep a basic stock of cold and flu medications and vitamins in your home
  • ensure you educate yourself with the latest NHS guidance and advice
  • identify friends and family who can help you in case you get ill, or who you can help in case they get ill

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